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Artist SpotlightErvin A. Johnson

Today we feature artist Ervin A Johnson and his recently released series "#InHonor".

Virtual ExhibitionsA Virtual Exhibition: FABRIC

Artgence invites you (in 3D) to a virtual exhibition: FABRIC, a hi-tech 3D exhibition dedicated to innovation. An innovative media and display for an exhibition about innovation intertwining with the everyday.

Art Politics & NewsUpcoming Exclusives from Yoyo Lander

In 2018, YoYo began exploring what it meant to be vulnerable as a person of color. Her first series, Time Off, looked at black women and challenged ideas that we have around what it means to be black and vulnerable...

Art Politics & NewsPollack Prize Winner: Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson’s abstract paintings evoke an image of a person, a portrait if you will. It is not that these lines and colors resemble anything close to the physical characteristics of a person...

Virtual ExhibitionsInnovation for the Art World: Virtual Galleries

The art world is no exception. We’ve accepted the museum-going experience as the de facto method of viewing art, but with lockdown in force, how are we supposed to enjoy the art that we love so much? Do we just give up on ever enjoying art?


Over time I came to terms with injustice and accepted it, as accepting abuse because of the color of my skin was just the way things were and are. It is part of the norm...

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